Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hacked on ireport?

I'll admit that I go read some posts and comments from time to time. I found out that SirJohn was possibly banned. He had oposted some very inflamatory posts and gotten into some nasty arguments so I'm not too surprised.

The wierd thing is that the reports hewas posting were not his style. They were religious wingnut posts that the SirJohn I knew would never have posted.

Was SirJohn's account hacked? 

Is this the new wave of terror on ireport?

I'm grateful I deactivated my account before someone could do this to me. 

If you're out there SirJohn talk to me please.


  1. It was a little strange about SirJohn

  2. Unlss he had an awakening...who knows I guess...

  3. Geonite,,,,,Last week when SirJohn started posting his gay bashing reports.....I was very confused...
    I assumed that my memory was failing me....and that I remembered him as being liberal on the subject when indeed his post proved just the opposite.....Also I made a comment....on one of them....and he told me to shut up several times and that I was an idiot....I never flag comments or reports.....so I just moved on......
    But now that you are question his identity too... I think your theory may be correct....
    Someone either hacked his account....or the difference in the ireporter id was so subtle that it was missed by most....

  4. that website has some serious issues.

  5. I don't think he changed his views, I think his identity was hacked.

    You're right beans.


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