Monday, June 15, 2009


I have always been against the war in Iraq. Not because I disagree with the war on terror. I support the war on terror and the terror is very real and very dangerous. I disagree with the war on Iraq because we attacked a nation that was literally on it's knees after the gulf war and over a decade of UN sanctions.

We never should have attacked Iraq.

We should have attacked Iran.

If we had attacked Iran we would not be in the position we are today. We weakened ourselves in a useless war and will be had pressed to be able to deal with Iran when we need. I deliberately said when and not if. Ahmedinejad will not back down. The only way to stop him is a full blown attack.

One more huge mistake to lay on President Bush Jr. He was so caught up in revenge that he led us into the wrong war, weakened our military, cost us our best and bravest and billions of dollars while the real problem grew stronger from our oil money.

I've been saying this for years. I wonder if anyone is listening yet.


  1. I agree we should not have invaded Iraq. It was about our oil intests and had nothing to do with Osama and the war on terror.

    I disagree with attacking Iran. There are millions of people in Iran who wish no one harm. They want to live and prosper in peace and do not share in the hatred others in their country have for Israel and the West.

    If you want to take out Ahmedinejade simply sniper him and be done...there is no reason to attack the country.

  2. The "war in Iraq" is a misnomer. We are not at war WITH that country. The violence in Iraq is a civil war between its own citizens. Dubya invaded Iraq to kill Saddam Hussien. He accomplished that, along with Saddam's sons. If that had happened in a nation in Africa, it would be called genocide.

    Rather than attack Iran (we have no reason), more troops should have been sent to Afghanistan to fish out Osama Bin Laden.

  3. italco, snipering Ahmedinejad will do nothing. The fact is that Moussavi is almost as bad as he is. The Ayatollah is hell bent on destroying the West. You may think it isn't a US problem but it is. It's a very real threat. We either do something about it or they will destroy us.

  4. Auntie I agree with you about Iraq. But Iran is a serious threat to the US.


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