Friday, June 5, 2009

Maybe I was wrong

We had to get our vehicles inspected this week. I bitched and moaned about it. Why were they wasting our time on a stupid car inspection. We already have a maintenance schedule. What a waste of tax payer money to have us wait in line for two hours so they could make sure we had all our decals on the car. Not to mention the drive back and forth to Santa Fe.

When my district manager told me we (the district) would get a fine if we didn't get our cars inspected I resigned my self to the fact and just said "OK if they want to pay us to waste half a day that's their problem".

When I got into the inspection they asked me if the car met my needs. I said "not really I need 4 wheel drive". Then I added that I cover Rio Arriba County. They went white " You cover Rio Arriba County with all those back dirt roads in a Ford Taurus?" "Yup." Five minutes later they told me to contact XXXX that they had gotten authorization to have my vehicle swapped for a 4 wheel drive.

I guess I was wrong it wasn't a waste of time.


  1. lmao...good for you. I am glad to see someone that actually needs something to do their job efficiently get what they need...better the employee than upper

  2. Thanks italco. Now I need to figure out how to convince them that we need cell phones. I'm sick of having to using my personal cell phone for work.


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