Friday, June 12, 2009

What Would You Do?

I ran into a situation that sickens me. Someone I thought was a friend and works for the same department I do tried to get me fired.

I found out about six weeks ago that her septic system wasn't permitted. Not a big deal, most septic systems in the state aren't because until 2002 the state wasn't enforcing permitting. When we come across an unpermitted system we have the owner register it and that solves the problem. Part of the registration involves us inspecting it to make sure it's sound and isn't posing a threat to the environment and/or public health. She was going through a difficult period so I waited and finally went to talk to her about it last week. Her reaction was to call my division director and tell him that I was threatening her.

This person is a political appointee of the Governor so her word carries some weight. I weighed the situation and realized that I was being told in not so many words that if I pursue this I'll be fired. Since I'm still on my first year probation, (the year I worked in superfund didn't count), it wouldn't be too difficult for them to "let me go". I decided to shut up for now. Getting myself fired wouldn't change anything. Richardson has about one year left and when that year is over she loses her clout and we can go after her.

I'm pissed off beyond belief that she would do this. And I feel like my integrity is being compromised. But I think I'm making the right decision.

What would you do in my situation?


  1. Apparently we have to enforce the regulations on the poor and even the homeless but we can't touch a political appointee.

  2. Geo - I have had many issues like this. You are doing the right thing. Once your probation period is up, you will be able to note your warning to her in the complaint you can file on her later. She is just trying to circumvent the rules because some think the rules don't apply to them.

    There is a time and place for everything!! You made the right call.

  3. Thanks.

    A few years ago I would have just gone ahead and forced the issue. Maybe I'm growing up.

  4. You are doing the right thing- "Timing is everything" and this is not the time to tackle that issue. Like you say- next year, when you Richardson is gone and your probation period is up, then you can tackle bigger issues. Right now.......unless you have another option for employement...and want to leave your current job-You are doing what I would do. :)
    Have a good weekend Geo!

  5. sorry for the typos(early morning for me! lol!) "when Richardson is gone"

  6. Thanks Annie.

    I've realized that in a way, as long as I stay quiet,she has ensured that I won't get fired. Can you imagine the scandal if they fire me and I go to the media. And the department is going through a huge scandal over an organization that's feeding the homeless right now. The media would go crazy over this. We force those who feed the homeless to spend thousands on unneeded expensive equipment but let a wealthy woman get away with anything because of her political ties.

  7. Welcome to America Geonite...
    You did the right thing.....don't jeopardize your probation nothing will come out of it. At least now she has shown her truly colors and you know where you stand...
    I agree with Italco. Some just don't believe the rules apply to them. The same people blame all our woes on the poor, needy, and lazy.....
    Unfortunate, but true...
    Good luck and hang in there...
    I know you like I have a hard time to ethically let this go....but you must for your own sake.
    Hugs Blabs

  8. Thanks Blabby.

    And thanks to all my friends for letting me rant and supporting me.

  9. I believe that is what friends are for....
    Sorry I am avoiding your religious posts...but I am up to my eyeballs with religion...and I don't even believe in GOD.....

  10. I don't believe in God either. But I have to admit that whenever I listen to a Rabbi or read a Jewish text I have to rethink my position. So far I always reach the same conclusion.

    That debate between the Rabbi and the Minister was very entertaining for me. It was like a flash from the past listening to the Rabbi. And I loved watching that Minister slowly fall apart. He wouldn't admit it but you could see how shaken he was.


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