Sunday, May 31, 2009

This is unbelievable

It's long but I'd like to hear your input.


  1. 2 of my posts was about this 2 months ago lol...One was pulled for some reason...

  2. Thought it was really interesting, some of it is starting to show on Obama...I believe Obama will push for a new world order...
    will see what happens this week when Obama goes to turkey...
    I didnt think it was a good idea for Obama to tell Israel what to do...

  3. I thought it might have a veneer of truth to it but most of it is total hogwash.

  4. I'm with you to say, there might be a smidgen of truth yet, people forget, this is America- we're Americans, and if what this video(you weren't kidding, it's long) was proposing starts really sliding that bad, people will revolt and quickly.... and it's bye-bye to that nonsense-fast.
    As much as I'm not crazy about living in OH, I'm proud of two very strong congressmen in my immediate area, who are not afraid to stand up to the bs- and both were in that video, and question what is going on right now.
    I wonder what the video would have looked like (as you know, the same claims would still be made) had McCain/Palin got into the White House.
    Intersesting clip Geo-
    Has anyone ever sent you propaganda videos on this line claiming it's all AIPAC and the Israel Lobby responsible for our country's ills?- I have sat through a few of those and this I hate to say it, reminded me of the damn thing, except the sources are polar opposties.

  5. And you know-that video was a very good exercise on how anything can get put on the internet, some stuff may have an bit of truth to it, but the makers of the video can twist the info to use it as tool, once again for conspiracy theories that do nothing make than try to create panic.
    It's always wise to pay attention and make your voice heard, 2010 is coming on us real fast.....and if our people in Congress don't listen to us, they won't be back. We can only hope that for the ones that are "rotting" in their seats there, doing us wrong- will finally get kicked to the curb. Providing some young fresh people step up to the plate and make an honest run for it.
    Our Congress has to be reminded- we vote them in and they really do work for us.
    Italco was doing a really cool thing before he left the other place and I hope that he continues on with it here.
    And another good point that we've discussed before is, I believe that all of Congress should have SET TERM LiMITS- it would really weed out the possibilites for the crappy stuff that has been going on.

  6. I really don't think we need term limits. What we need is to get people to pay attention and vote wisely. Replacing one crappy senator with another won't help while term limits will remove some good ones and possibly replace them with worse ones.

  7. My opinion is probably predictable...Sounds like Glenn Beck and Hannity at Fox news put it together with a bunch of their conspiricy theorist buddies....Only we can change what is going on through our vote...They want you to focus on president Obama so you won't pay attention to the 2010 elections coming up. 88% of congress is up for re-election. Of course they want you to fear change...but we have only began to change 2010 we have an oportunity to change the ethics in congress...unless of course we are too consumed with President Obama to pay attention.

  8. I was wondering if this isn't where Beck and Hannity get their material. Interesting how they never talked about any of this during the Bush administration.

    I agree that 2010 will be important. But I think that keeping Obama in the spotlight will just remind people how important it is to vote.


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