Saturday, May 30, 2009

Do you....

Love you job?

Hate your Job?

Like your job?

Put up with your job?

What's the best and worst of it?

What I love about my job is:

1. It pays the bills
2. My co-workers all have a great sense of humor
3. My district manager is the sweetest guy in the world
4. I make my own schedule
5. No two days are the same
6. I work in the most beautiful countryside imaginable with so much diversity

What I hate about my job is:

1. My staff manager is a screw up
2. Having to tell people they need to install a system they can't afford

All in all I love my job.


  1. I love my job-
    What I love best about my job- being part of helping others hopefully get well.
    The pay.
    The people I work with.
    Everyday is different-never know what to expect-but generally go home feeling like I accomplished something good.

    The down side- hours can be a bit challenging
    Sometimes no matter how hard we try-sometimes the outcome aren't always positive and it sticks with me for a bit.

  2. Well WHEN I was working I liked it because..
    Pays bills
    had good friends, well thought they were good friends...

    I loved the challenges and being able to always come ahead...
    Loved the hours, sometimes they were 60 hr weeks, then this economy messed it all up lol...

    what I didn't like was The favoritism, being overlooked while management hired there friends for higher positions...

    I didn't like the negativity of alot of people who always made complaints and excuses...

  3. I own the company and tell everyone else what to do...whats not to

    Not sure I could work for someone else. Too independant. I do love helping my customers and being a problem solver for them.

  4. Our jobs sound a lot alike Ann. I didn't mention helping people because in my line of work, even though I'm helping them they often don't see it that way.

  5. That's just human nature ANAV :-)

  6. Not sure I'd want the headache of running my own business italco. I have a lot of freedom in my job, I don't last in jobs that are overbearing and dictatorships.

    Glad you enjoy being the boss.


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