Thursday, May 28, 2009

It is not a choice and it's natural

Some people try to claim that being gay is a choice. It generally isn't you are attracted to who you are attracted.

I'm a hetero woman. The thought of having sex with another woman is nauseating to me. This isn't a "choice" it's what my biology dictates to me.

Some people are bi-sexual and the argument of choice could be made in their case.

Most homosexuals are not bi-sexual.

Being a homosexual is perfectly natural. The rise in homosexuality in societies today has nothing to do with "sin". Animal populations that grow beyond the carrying capacity of their environment start to produce more homosexual animals. Homosexuality is natures way of telling us that our population is too large and we need to cut back. I don't know what the exact triggers are. It could be pollution based. But we have changed our environment and created triggers that have increased the homosexual population in an attempt to lower our population.

We should be grateful for the gays. They are helping us reduce our population to manageable numbers.

Thank you to the gays and lesbians around the world.


  1. Funny you should present homosexuality this way...
    Since all that are against it.....Cite the procreation part as their biggest problem with gay marriage....
    They are concerned that if enough humans decide they are gay, not enough children will be born.
    First of all, allowing gay people to marry is NOT going to turn any straight people gay.....
    It's not a fashion statement.....It's who and what they are....
    Honestly all these straight humans that are against it, in my opinion, have a personal issue with homosexuality and the sex acts they participate in...
    It disgusts them. Yet, they can't admit it publicly......SO they hide behind the bible.... Or pedophilia, or STDs as their reasoning for being against gay marriage.....I guess it is slightly more politically correct....but also slightly dishonest.....

  2. Well said and I am happy to be here.

  3. I'm not sure that it's really a "rise" in homosexuality. I think it's more about people NOW feeling comfortable to admit it!

    I know a gay guy who is divorced and has a daughter my age. He told me that he married a woman because it was "the thing to do!" He always knew he was gay, but it wasn't acceptable, so he hid it. Now he's openly gay and living with his partner. His partner on the other hand, is still hiding it from his family!

  4. MartinT???
    What's UP??????
    How ya been???

  5. Interesting take on this Geo!- I agree with Lette that now people are becoming more comfortable with who they really are, instead of who they think the "world" wants them to be. I have several gay friends that long ago shared with me, they knew from day one, who they were, but society is just now starting to get around to accepting who they are.

    I'm with blabby's thoughts, many hetereos that speak out against it, may have deep seated issues within themselves.

    And I am so done with this "procreation" aspect of it. My husband and I do not have our own children.....I was not to me.....if we went with that thought, I guess my husband and I should not have gotten married. But I don't buy into that.

    I really believe homosexuality falls on the same lines in the makeup of an individual as in the DNA, what determines your hair and eye color as well as the emotional make up of a person. This is just yet another code for humans.

    Think about it, we do have hermaphadites, and that clearly is not a choice either. There is so much about us, that science is only starting to understand.

    I am thankful though, that it appears that we are moving in a better direction and finally homosexuals can live their lives as they were born to be, rather than dicated to by a whole collection of people that either can't or won't take the time to understand, that we are not as cut and dry by human design as was once thought.

  6. thanks YNBs!
    I just feel like this whole topic is remeniscent of the days of the Salem Witch Hunt.
    Those women were not understood by a group of people, so they basically got burned at the stake (not that anyone is burning at the stake today)
    But it is very sad, to come to find out, that some of those women, had either epilepsy, mental illness and etc...... which many people are treated for today and are accepted members of our society.

    Because a certain group of people do not understand how someone else is "hard wired" on the inside- does not mean that we should tolerate the ignorance and deny them their right to live their lives that is meant for them.
    OK, I'm stepping off my soapbox!

  7. Geonite: what do you think about the news conference that Obama had today with The President of Palestine???
    Should Israel give in to peace with Palestine???
    Good idea for Obama or bad???

  8. Annie,,,I agree with you that people are more comfortable coming out of the proverbial closet...
    I went to Catholic High School....and my very best friend was gay....we all knew it...she could not hide it....
    She also had a lover from the neighboring High School....and they truly were in a serious relationship.....much more than the rest of us were with the guys we dated....
    I remember how we all felt when we were shopping for our Prom dresses and making plans for the after party, limos.....and hotels at the shore.
    She was completely left out of it....
    She was my roommate when we were 19.....she was one of the very best friends I ever had....
    We never fought about boys....and we spent so many nights just sitting up and talking....
    I hope she has found true love...and is at peace with who she is now.....

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  10. Great to have you here Martin.

  11. Sorry everyone but I just can't focus on this right now. See my next post and you'll understand why.


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