Monday, May 25, 2009

God and the Cosmic Background Radiation

What if there is something to all the "hocus pocus" of Kabbalah? What if the ancients really did have insight to the true workings of the universe?

According to Kabbalah there are ten emanations of God. Tiferet is "God" and Malchut, the lowest emanation and the closest to us is the one we pray to. Malchut is the one the ancients claim to have "risen" towards. Malchut is female and Tiferet is male. They have sex through Yesod. When we are good they have sex and all is well with the world. When we are bad the stop having sex and the world goes crazy (Do you think they need to have more sex?). Malchut, aka Shechina, is supposed to be everywhere.

According to the Rambam, aka Maimonedes, Malchut was emanated in a flash of light (see Guide for the Perplexed).

When the big bang happened there was a big flash of light. The remnants of that flash of light are everywhere. They are the cosmic background radiation (CMBR).

What if there is something to the ramblings of the ancients and Malchut is CMBR? Could the rest of the emanations be outside the universe? What if they are in another dimension? What if each emanation is the CMBR of a big bang and we are a universe within a universe within...?


  1. This post just might relegate me to the status of rambling mad woman.

  2. you are pathetically obsessed by God while you do not believe he exists
    You and martinT are cut from the same crap

  3. Thanks for stopping by and spewing your hatred sam.

    You are obsessed with me.


    Why can't you just go back to your boring pathetic life and leave people who don't like you and your "Lord and Savior" and "Christianity" alone?

  4. interesting theory...I don't buy into it but I I won't discount it either...anything is possible.

  5. I'm curious to hear what bothers you about it?


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