Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jesus Loves You? (Another resurected blog post)

I hear that a lot.Christians claim that Jesus died for their sins and that all you have to do is believe in Jesus and you will go to heaven. Sounds pretty amazing doesn't it? So why don't I believe it?

The claim is that Jesus was around when the world was created and revealed himself when he did toabsolve people of their sins. Christianity claims that people are born with original sin that needs to be forgiven because of Adam and Eve.

So why didn't Jesus intervene when God banished Adam and Eve from Eden? Why didn't Jesus do something to stop them from being banished and absolve original sin? Why didn't Jesus love Adam and Eve?

Why didn't Jesus intervene when God flooded the earth? Why didn't Jesus intevene when God destroyed Soddom and Gemorah? The Egyptians? The Canaanites?

Why didn't Jesus reveal himself to the whole world? After all, as a god wouldn't he be able to be everywhere? Why didn't Jesus love all the people around the world enough to reveal himself to them and give them the opportunity to believe in him and go to heaven?

Billions of people have lived and died without the opportunity of knowing about Jesus. They were born at the wrong time and/or the wrong place. Why didn't Jesus love them?

And why doesn't Jesus love gays?


  1. Too many why questions, and I don't know most of these answers. I do know that Jesus never said he doesn't like gays. I think gays get upset when they read scriptures from the old and new testament, because it say's "Effiminate" is a sin...Translations use the word "Homosexuals"...But talking about Jesus, his message was love and how we can be saved though him...

  2. I know you know me pretty good by now soooo I'll say this again. What's pushing more and more people away from God is the word "Religion"...Jesus never talked about which religion is correct and which is not. We all know how most religions judge alot of people. They however forget the teaching's of Christ...It shouldn't be about religion, it should be the relationship one has with God...

  3. ANAV, I'll agree with you that if Jesus was real he never meant to start a new religion. If Jesus was real he was a man with an idea. Not a god, son of god or savior.

  4. I believe in my heart he is real, and I'll tell you something. as I was growing up, my friends stopped having Faith, and I don't know why, my Faith never left me...It was like everytime I wanted to do something that my friends did, I felt something holding me back. Like if God was telling me that what I do is my choice and he wont stop me. But I would stop and seperate myself from my friends. It's hard to explain because no one pushed my Faith in me. No one forced me to go to Church as a kid. No one forced anything on me. I believe my Faith has kept me strong and even in tough times. You know what I mean...

  5. Because the proof, that I can't show you because I can't. I do pray alot, alot alot. and I do ask God to be with you. and I hope it doesn't offend you that I pray for you...

  6. Im turning in for the night...sweet dreams...

  7. Sleep well my friend.

    No it doesn't offend me. I just wish you would have more faith in yourself and less in fiction.

    You don't need to channel your strength through an imaginary friend. It's all in you just believe in yourself.

  8. Geo, Another very thought provoking post. "Billions of people have lived and died without the opportunity of knowing about Jesus. They were born at the wrong time and/or the wrong place. Why didn't Jesus love them?"

    That question right there has always been a big one for me. I look at all the major books as really stories of that time.....and wrote and edited them....but true followers of their faith, do follow on faith based alone, as there are no real logical answers.

    ANAV made some very good ponts- because he believes with his heart and that really sums up faith, believing in something that rational mind can not always give solid proof to, yet they have a deep conviction that is is true and that is enough to sustain them and hold them comfortablly in those beliefs.

    My own grandmother was one of the most unique people I have ever known. She followed the teachings of Christ and walk in his path, never doubting for a moment. In her lifetime she was met with more tragedies than most human hearts could ever bear. One of the things I so admired about her was that she lived by example.....not by preaching and condemning someone if they did see it her way. And at her funeral one of the most profound things said about her, was that she radiated love. And Geo, she did......she was such a loving being...and helped so many, in a lot of different ways...
    I lost her when I was 21(30yrs ago), what I would give to have her here with me now. It's not to say, that I was in 100% agreement with all the teachings that her particular church taught, but it was her and how she chose to apply those teachings to her life.

    As you know, there are a lot of variations of the teachings of Christ- that in itself can make your head spin, because, what if you happen to pick the "wrong" one to follow? So now, instead of even coming close to coming up with an answer to your original post......I've just now-created another one to ponder! Sorry!lol! it's late and I better get back to bed...
    Check with you later, maybe before we take off for the parade....

    I feel you made a very valid point, people need to channel more energy into having a bit of faith in themselves, but I do still believe God is real and does guide our way, by free will- if we allow it.
    Does that make sense?

  9. annonamus (I wish I had a name for you), it doesn't matter if it makes sense to me. What matters is if it makes sense to you.

    I don't mind other people believing what they want to believe. I do mind when people give "god" all the credit for their achievments, and I mind when they try to shove their beliefs on others.

    I do appreciate your comments.

  10. I agree on that one......many of us do mind, being told "their" way is the "only" way.....and I'm all for people "walking the talk"- leading a lifestyle by example of their beiief system, rather than spending too much time talking and then turning around a being hypocritical in their behavior. Never has flown for me.
    Just call me Ann- I'm going to try and sign off a different way and see if that works.
    Will catch up with you later. Hoping my sinuses and over allergy issue will calm down....I want to take some nice pics, which I hope to share with every one later.
    Were you able to watch the whole show Banned by the BibleII on the internet?? Let me know....haven't had a chance yet to try and record ours.

  11. Yes I did, thank you.

    Sorry about the allergies. Never come to New Mexico in the spring. The junipers here are the worst.


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