Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day...Sales?

I'm going to talk about what bothers me about memorial day.

Yes there are some ceremonies. Yes we talk about remembering the fallen.


We have "Memorial Day Sales"!?

Who came up with the idea of turning memorial day into a shopping for sales day? We have become a country of consumers. All that matters is "buy more" "GDP" "the economy". This is so WRONG!!!!

We should all boycot memorial day sales.

Memorial day should be for remembrance. It should be the one day a year that we stop what we normally do and think about those who sacrificed their lives so that we could be free.


  1. Geonite: anyone from ireport you want me to let them know you're here?
    sintheesize just posted wondering where you and others have gone...let me know if you want me to relay the message to her or anyone...

    this is her post...

    : sintheeesize // 55 minutes ago // viewed 16 times
    toronto, Ontario // embed media
    I left Canada a week ago to go to Wisconsin to visit my ailing mother. With no internet access I was unable to check-in with ireports.

    I arrived home Saturday night to find lines through some of my favourite ireporters names...Lette, Ctlss, Gilldreams, Geonite, Numbersdude...and probably a few more I have yet to discover!

    What gives? Where did you all go?

    If there was a banning...please let me know. If any or all of you deactivated I'd just like to let you all know how much I miss your reports and hope you will return soon!

    This is a pic of sunset in my backyard...dedicated to some of my favourites here on ireport.

    Have a good

  2. Thanks ANAV.

    By all means let sinthee know where I am.

  3. OKie Doke...hey did you see my 2 Memorial day videos? I got on here!!!

  4. Hello Geo!
    I agree, it's incredibly tacky to make a day of rememberance into a commericial fiesta of shopping sprees with so-called "sales". I posted what our town does and it turned out real nice this year, weather cooperated as well. We just finished up visiting family, now it is quiet time at home. Hope you enjoyed your day.

  5. If you want to go for it, you might as well include basically all other holidays as well. Stores will take advantage of EVERY opportunity to increase sales, when people are not working. Granted Memorial Day should be for reflection, but what about Veteran's Day, Labor Day, Good Friday, etc.,etc...

    I'm leaning to give them a pass this year, though. I'd rather see them advertising holiday bargains than going out of business sales.

  6. yes there is too much capitalizing on anything that can remotely bring a dollar...

  7. Where did you post it Anne? I didn't see anything on your blog here.

  8. I think that not taking advantage of every holiday like that would help them rather than hinder them.

    The harder it is to get something the more we want it.

    And in all honesty, closing for one day wouldn't make much of a difference for them. I would respect them a lot more and want to buy from them if they showed their respect for the fallen soldiers.

  9. Beautiful ANAV!!!!

    Check it out everyone

  10. Geo My tribute is on the wordpress account-came out pretty good for my 1st attempt at making my own short movie clip!lol! Sorry for the confusion- this is the only way I can make my name come up Annie on here~)


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