Sunday, February 28, 2010

Converting babies

This really pissed me off. A woman on JDate recounted that her son married a shiksa and then had the baby converted.

That is SO WRONG!!!!!

It goes against morality and Judaism. You cannot convert a baby. A baby cannot make up it's own mind and it's plain WRONG! And I got slammed for saying that.

What's happening to the world?

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  1. It just shows that ignorance isn't the personal domain of the gentiles - sometimes it infects Jews. It would seem, since they "had" the baby "converted", they were ignorant of Jewish law and were waaaaay too influenced by xian "baptismal" nonsense. Neither wife nor husband was exhibiting any Jewish intelligence in this matter. Goyish. And the Jewish Mother In Law was being just as stupid, getting all worked up about it. Unless you're saying they had the baby "converted" to goyishism?!? If the wife never converted to Judaism, there's no problem. Hopefully, the child won't inherit her spiritual stupidity.


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