Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where do I start?

My boss stuck his tongue out at me today.


It was hilarious.

Our gay liquid waste specialist virtually propositioned me....

I think I should fast more often. I fasted this Yom Kippur for the first time in twenty years. I did drink a little bit so it wasn't REALLY fasting but I got my period and was seriously concerned that I'd get sick from losing so much fluids and not drinking.

Sunday night I went to Kol Nidrei at the Conservative Synagogue. I hated it! It was like being in church (based on TV and movies). There was a choir and a piano and an opera singing woman...UGH!!!!!!!

Monday morning I went to Chabad. It was much better and during the break I met two Israelis who were driving through and stopped for Yom Kippur. I went back to Chabad for Ne'ila and found out that there were four of them! All guys! And they were CUTE!!!! And I think one of them was kind of coming on to me.

Maybe he'll come back to visit. I gave them my card and told them to let me know when they're in town.


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Miri 1994-2009
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