Saturday, August 22, 2009

Quantum Entanglement and the "Supernatural"

The entire universe is in a quantum entanglement. Now just in the present but also in the past and in the future. We are more entangled with ourselves than anyone else. We are constantly in touch with our past and future selves.

I've been watching my favorite movie again "What the bleep down the rabit hole". That sentence struck a chord with me and I don't remember hearing it before.

I have premonitional dreams. I dream about things before they happen. I've always wondered why. Now I know why on a certain level. But, as with all really interesting questions, the answer raises more questions than it really answers.

How does it happen?
Why does it happen at certain times?
Can I learn to control it?
Do I want to learn to control it?


  1. I've had some weird dreams lately. Maybe cause it's too much thinking or something, but I'm writing down my thoughts after I have a strange dream...

  2. That;s cool, I've never done that.


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Miri 1994-2009
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