Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stimulating the economy

I get paid on a biweekly basis and this month I'm getting a third paycheck. Since my house deal fell through I went a bit crazy. But I keep telling myself that I'm stimulating the economy.

I just finished putting together my new Gazelle Edge. I wanted to get one three years ago and Ron wanted a swing (I'm not going to spell out what kind of swing you can figure it out). We got the swing. Now I got myself the Gazelle I wanted! And some new DVD's to watch while I'm on it...

I bought a new set of Cuisinart pots and pans. I've never had "nice" pots and pans before. Ron thought it was a waste of money.

I bought a 19 inch LCD-HDTV. No I haven't gone nuts. It's for my exercizing. The sound on the laptop isn't good enough and there's no room in my office to kickbox (or for the Gazelle). I'm not getting any kind of cable TV. This is strictly for exercizing and the occasional movie.

I bought my first set of power tools. A Black & Decker drill, circular saw and flashlight combo.

And last but not least....I bought a Spanish language CD so I can learn Spanish on those long drives to Albuquerque.

I think I've done my share to stimulate the economy.


  1. Boy Geonite! You went on a shopping spree. Good for you! When you work hard, you need to treat yourself every now and then. Otherwise, what's it all for? Have fun with all of it!


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