Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh The Politics

I'm going to start with some GOOD news.

My probation period is over. I can no longer be fired at the drop of a hat.


Now I get to rant.

A certain spa in my area is not being regulated for political reasons. Things got nasty today when a manager from another district started asking about coming up and doing some sampling with them. I agreed but mentioned that the spa wasn't permitted and the program manager had told me to do nothing about them until December. They pushed on and tried to pin down a date to do the sampling. I called the program manager to make sure he was OK with this.

To make a long story short I got caught in the crossfire with both of them complaining to me about the other one. HEY!! I'm just a lowly Environmental Scientist. I'm not a manager. Please!!!!Leave me out of it. I don't want to know. I have enough on my plate.


  1. how long was your probation period? I thought you'd be at that job quite awhile? Anyhoo...congrats! I know that must be a load off your shoulders (even if you felt your job was pretty solid.) About the other, just sit back and listen. They are just venting and you must be a good sounding board.

  2. Thanks beans. I've been with the state for almost two years but some of it was as a temp. The probation period is one year. I started this position one year ago.

    They need to get a blog to vent on ;-)

  3. First... Congratulations!

    Second... How in the world does a spa operate without permits? That's disgustingly sad. Politics!

    Hey you can vent, rant, rave,... anything you want here! ;-)

  4. Thanks Lette :-)

    I know I'm disgusted too. It's totally political.


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