Friday, October 16, 2009

I Have Officially Lost My Mind/ All's Well That Ends Well?

There was a letter in the mail from my credit union about them participating in big sale with the local Toyota dealership in Santa Fe with a few thousand certified pre-owned vehicles and a few hundred new ones. I've been thinking about buying a four wheel drive vehicle for the winter since I got snowed in a few times last year with my little Celica. Yesterday was fall break so I got to leave work early (didn't really have to even go in), and I drove down to Santa Fe to check it out. I was thinking of buying an old truck if they had one for around two thousand.

Well, they had a few pre-owned Prius's and the dealer got me to take one for a test drive. I already knew he was Jewish but during the test drive I found out he was an Israeli from Kibbutz Sarid. He doesn't have the really thick Israeli accent Israeli's generally even after decades in the US. Thinking back his accent is a bit like my dads.

Well, I ended up buying the car

I was now in Santa Fe with two cars. So Aspen (his full name is Aspen Tree Leaf. HONESTLY!!!!! He changed it when he moved to New Mexico), drove my old car to Chimayo for me while I drove the new one and I drove him back to Santa Fe afterwards. Except that my old car overheated a few miles from home and totally shut down on him, serendipity? And I had to call AAA to get it towed to a mechanic. I don't think it's serious but if I want to sell it I need to get it fixed.

But here's the best part. We drove back to my place in the Prius so I could get my cell phone and some more CD's (it was really nice to have someone with me who really enjoys and appreciates the same music) and I locked myself out of the house!

I ended up sleeping in my new car.


  1. Now hold on a second, this story ended way too quickly. What happened to Aspen? Did he stay with you during the night?????? ;-)

    Congrats and best wishes on your new purchase!

  2. Nothing happened with Aspen. He has a girlfriend.


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  4. WHOA! this is it huh!!! this is nice! Great gas mileage too!

  5. Thanks ANAV.

    I can't believe that I actually own my dream car.

  6. what kind of gas mileage you getting on it? gotta be a good 30 plus per mile right?

  7. ROFL!!!!!

    50-70 mpg.

    I was getting over 30 with the Celica.

  8. MAZAL TOV! I KNOW you'll love the Prius! Oh, and you can play all those mp3 files in it, too.... I download stuff from Israel National Radio, pop it on a CD and listen to it cross-country.


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Miri 1994-2009
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